Management Reports

Management reports – gone digital!


Some of our monthly bookkeeping clients would have noticed at their last quarters management accounts they received the information in a new and exciting format. Yes- we’ve gone digital!

Using the third party platform Loom, Chippendale and Clark are able to record their screens and their voices to guide you through the management reports. Now our clients are able to watch their account manager talk through the profit and loss per month, step by step, analysing areas of interest.

Areas you may hear us discuss within the reports

  • Have the sales increased? Was this as a result of additional marketing expenditure?
  • Have the sales decreased? Was this as a result of a seasonal trend?
  • Estimating client’s corporation tax bills in advance of the year end -allowing clients to plan when to buy their next big asset or pay into a company pension scheme.
  • Directors loan overdrawn accounts – followed by a tax plan to get out of an overdrawn balance before the year end

With the help of Loom we are able to communicate more effectively, but of course we acknowledge, as with learning, we all have preferred methods of communicating, so don’t worry, if you prefer, we can still send the email version of the reports.

If you are not receiving quarterly management reports, it may be due to the fact you aren’t on our monthly bookkeeping service, if you would like to find out more regarding our increased service, contact or call 01249 465 435 or 01793 378 586.

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